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Nordic Jewelry Design chooses to work with tightly spun tin wire, made in the north of Sweden, with a high silver content (10%). The tin wire (the pattern) is attached to a vegetable-tanned reindeer leather body, and is available in a limited color range. Bold colors such as orange, purple, pink are usually chrome tanned. As we strive for a sustainable and genuine craft, we choose to remove chrome-tanned leather.

We use two different thicknesses of the spun tin wire, 0.35mm and 0.40mm. The classic tin bracelets are made in different sizes, both width and length. We also have tin bracelets for children, model 1001 which can be ordered in the web shop.

Tin bracelet - a Sami tradition originating from the 17th century

In ancient history, tin wire was used to adorn costumes, collars and moneybags. In this period trading with brass and tin was quite common. The Sami span the tin wire by hand with a special technique. The tin was spun around a center wire to obtain a very strong durability. Later the center wire was replaced by a durable bear thread.

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